What our participants had to say about the Barcamp: 

"What made you happy during the barcamp days?"

„To be connected to different people. See that it is easy to overcome barriers of time or distance.“

„Fistly i would like to thank the Boatpeople project for beliving in me that i will organize this vetual platform for the youth of Pietermaritzburg and other stake holders who are still involves in the programme thats make fill proud of my self for connecting the world. I see the fun from the face of my group and they are happy to learn new thinks thats make happy and fulfilling my dream of changing the world’s for the better“

„Well it was my first time using zoom… I was so scared because I didn’t know what’s to expect but it was fun and you guys are very nice … working with you I got to experience a lot of things I didnt about like discord, miro .. notify and tools“

„Getting to more information about botify and tools technik because i didnt know anything about it and it was way more fun. It was really nice to interact with people who are so open, loving and friendly allowed us to ask any question where we didnt understand, so it was amazing.“

"Which question did appear and stay in your mind?"

„There is no App nor tool that could provide that kind of feeling to me as I heared the southafricans sing for us for welcoming us. The stayed Question is, what I could imagine, what would be a proper response.“

"What did frustrated you most?"

„Let fall down some good ideas for the matter of time was running…“

„Technological problems, both with network and with what I worked on.“

„Network  and connection and trying to figure out how Discord and miro works.“

„Problem with the network and connection.“

"What would you like to work on?"

„I’d like to do a game that involves different real locations and peoples at the same time.“

„I’d love to find an opportunity to experiment with Twine a bit more.“

„I would like to know more about miro and discord.“

„I would really love to more information about botify.“

"Stuff you want to share?"

„Let us share ideas. Let us chat about the most unrealistic thing you could imagine, than try to do it and later on fail together.“

„I really liked to be inspired and to inspire. I always want to work on things without the urge to sell it later on… :D“

„My talent creativity and my artistic creation.“

„My creativity amd talent that i have for art.“